girls in progress

Have I mentioned that I have an intern working for me now? She is helping me cut and stuff. And, knowing that she is going to be with me for an afternoon gets me organized. We are working on girls. And I went a bit nuts… I just got so excited about all the ideas in my head and the colors in my shelves- I now have 15 dolls in progress- Yikes! And there is still a few more in my head… but I am ignoring them until I get some of these done.

Right now, they are in many stages- from all sewed together, with face and hair (just need to do the dress and all those little extras) to cut out in a pile.

After they are cut out, I put the pieces for each doll into an individual ziplock bag. I also put any other fabric I am planning on using for that doll into the bag. As I sew the parts and stuff them, they stay together in their bags until the doll is all together and ready to be dressed. At that point, I like to look at them sitting around the studio. In the photo below, you can see one doll that is mostly finished and then all the plastic bags.

Hopefully I will have some finished girls to show you soon.

10 thoughts on “girls in progress

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to see these little girls evolving. Do you attach the heads to the bodies before you join two two body halves?

  2. Oh yay, about the girls. I want a little brunette. I love seeing the progress report photos of the nascent sisterhood in your studio.
    Anna S.

  3. So much productivity. so much inspiration. A joy to visit as ever! Although they do look a little weird wrapped in their plastic shrouds! t.x

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