getting there

the continuing saga of the studio…

On Monday afternoon I declared the fixing up part of the project finished.

On Tuesday morning we started rearranging furniture. I live in the kind of environment where gridlock was a serious worry. By the end of the day though, some serious obstacles had been moved out of the room and the main pieces of studio furniture were in.

This is the room on Tuesday morning-

Futon sofa on the right. Blanket box under the left-hand window. File cabinet. That is what needed to go out.

Doors closed and doors opened. Nice closet. I didn’t repaint the closet, but I washed the walls and ceiling. Can you see how fantastic the door looks with the frosted glass? Still lots of tools and supplies in the room.

And, here is the room this morning (Wednesday).

From the hall-

Flat file and two desks in place- sort of. I bought the flat file back in March. I am planning to organize all my various threads in it. The large desk is now down from the (old) studio. The small desk was one that my son used for years.

I found the perfect storage rack on Craigslist. It is deep- 24″- metal and, it has wheels!

The file cabinet is still in the room- well at least the shell of it. The drawers are now in the attic. I will work around it until it can be carried up by someone other then me or Ben.

And here is what the door looks like from the hall, when it is closed-

I am going to hire a few hours of heavy lifting tomorrow and hopefully get most of the bins, books, babies, bolts of cloth, bobbins, buttons, bobbles… and all the other letters of the alphabet, downstairs. Then the reorganization. Hopefully, I will get back to serious work in the first week of August. My middle son is coming home from the west coast tomorrow and will be working as my intern until he goes back to school in Minnesota in a month or so. Oh, and in the midst of all this, I am going to Orlando, Florida next week to help my sister-in-law at CHA

Okay, deep breaths!

8 thoughts on “getting there

  1. This is some serious progress on an enormous task. Way to go. It must feel good to have come this far.

  2. Wow! Having moved studios and my fair share of home repair, I can appreciate how momentous a task this has been. Things are looking great – you have so much room, lot’s of work surface and lot’s of storage! So exciting!

  3. Reorganization takes soooo long; it feels like an eternity, but so nice when it’s done. The doors look great, the room’s bones are there, and now the fill-in. Congrats on coming this far.

    Have fun with the move-in.

  4. fabulous new space Mimi and that door is a huge achievement.
    Can’t wait to see it filled with your creations.

  5. What a wonderful work space! You have done an amazing job – and an amazing amount of work. Congratulations! I’m sure you will enjoy your new work environment, even if it means you will no longer be the artist cloistered in her attic. I’m confident that you don’t need rafters and drafts for inspiration :D

  6. i love the new door!! fantastic job! it will be so nice when things are finally finished. i just know it.

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