projects this wednesday

well, I can’t post a picture of the project I just finished because it is a birthday present and I just mailed it out today- so I will post pictures when I know it has arrived. But, there is always something else.

I’m thinking about glasses and nerdy girls.

And, the studio project creeps forward. This was from last weekend-

And now- look what was delivered today! I found this ten drawer flat file at a recycle place in Boston called Extras for Creative Learning. I brought some supplies over last week to donate and had a big score! It needs a little cleaning up and some paint, but it is helping me think about how I will be organizing my new space. Also, giving me some more incentive to keep moving forward.

Another thing- have you ever heard that expression- “Nature abhors a vacuum”? Well, I think artists’ abhor open spaces- well empty tabletops anyway. I cleared most of the stuff out of the room to work on it, but somehow I seem to have started a new art project in there… I’m going to have to go back in there and rein things in again!

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  1. When I was a nerdy little girl, I loved to help in the library. One day I came in with my hair up in a bun, and a rude little girl tried to tease me by saying I looked like Marion Librarian. It back fired, though, because to ME it was the ultimate complement!

  2. Mimi, so often your posts seem to speak directly to me! I don’t know that I would call myself an artist, but I apparently do abhor a vacuum (and a vacuum cleaner, too!–I hate the sound it makes!) I have what I call the Seven Surfaces–three tables, three counters, and a flat area by the front door. My goal is to get them all cleared once a day. Needless to day, my reach often exceeds my grasp in this regard! Your new studio is fantastic! In my creative life, it seems like I always have one or two projects that HAVE to be done to make room for the project I really want to do. I like your nerdy girls so much! Aren’t we all, deep inside, nerdy girls, the ones that were/are just slightly off-kilter, just a little different from the rest. Thank God we are old enough to appreciate the difference now! And to celebrate it! Thank you for celebrating nerdy girlness!

  3. Mimi, Love, love that file!! I went to EXCL for the first time on Wednesday and loaded up with goodies. Now I’m going to have to look at the furniture first next time! ; )

  4. Too funny, about the open spaces; when i was little and my mom would send me to clean my room; as soon as space was cleared all i could do is conjure up some project to fill that space!! Also when I see photos of homes will minimal furniture and lots of space, i think “WHERE IS ALL THERE STUFF??!!” then i begin to think that I’m all alone in this “o there’s a clear spot, i can do this project there!” Thank you for letting me know that you have the same tendencies and I should not be committed LOL!!!

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  7. I have a set of those plan drawers but it is nowhere near as tidy as yours inside. It is great having everything laid out so you can find it easily and the less time you spend looking for stuff the more time you have to MAKE.

  8. Wow – I just looked up the name of that recycling place (Extras for Creative Learning)! I believe it’s the place I used to take my kids years ago for creative projects, and I was contemplating if I should give it a try. So glad you posted this – love the file, btw. Very cool!

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