another studio update

I am actually working in the room now. The move got to a certain point of trying to get things arranged, and I realized I had to start working in the space to know where things should be. The result is that the room doesn’t look great but I am essentially moved and back to work. I will probably do a blog studio tour in a month or so when things have settled a bit.

The desk area-

This is working pretty well, although I have been rearranging the drawers as I try to find my tools. I moved my sewing machine off the desk and onto a smaller desk. The big desk will be my main work area now.

The shelf above my desk is still rather empty. I haven’t brought any of the dolls that were on the attic studio shelf down yet.

And I have to work more on the wool storage bins. They still seem disorganized, but what can I do? It is so hard to decide what is the right way to organize. Color? Material? (wool, cashmere, etc) Size of the fabric pieces?

On another topic- I will be in the Columbia, SC area around Labor Day. Does anyone know of any not-to-be-missed crafty goodness in the area?

5 thoughts on “another studio update

  1. I had the same problem with organizing my fabric. Here’s what I ended up with: anything that read as a (mostly) solid color is sorted by color and the stacks arranged in spectral order (including bins for brown, gray, black and white/cream); then for multi-color things are separated into dark, light, bright and off-the-wall novelty. As a bonus it makes a really pretty fabric closet and I’ve had a Lot less trouble finding what I want when I want it.

  2. I enjoy your blog ever since I discovered it – and forward it to my circle.
    I love the way you think and perform.
    neomi( Israel)

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