this week

the studio is coming along-

doesn’t really look much better then a week ago, but things seem much more in control. These photos were from this morning-

My desk- see- I’ve got some dolls going!

And this is the fun part- I’ve been organizing my threads.

All those colors make me so happy.

I have my next tiny world pincushion class this Thursday. I have had a request to hold another Tiny World pincushion class in October. If I scheduled a class for October 17, would anyone be interested? Email me if you are- I will need 3 more people to make it a go (min. of 5).

3 thoughts on “this week

  1. It’s the little things (like organizing the thread) that take so much time and give a lot of satisfaction – but don’t really show. I love your chair with the shirt pulled over the back. It makes me smile every time I see it. I wish I were close enough to take the tiny worlds class.

  2. I just reorganized my felt scraps and sorted and put aways neatly a bunch of new fabric I bought at my recent quilt guild’s garage sale. I made sure to label everything so I could find it again (unlike before):) It was very statisfying knowing what I had and of course its always fun to handle and sort the different colors. I think part of what I love about quilting and doll making is the tactile nature of the materials, I love the look and feel of fabrics.

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