Tiny World time!

2 of the projects I mentioned in the last post involve me making Tiny World pin cushions. I am working on them a little at a time, so I’ll post them in a trickle between other finished items.

11:18:TW 1a

This tea cup has a book/writing/reading theme. Interesting!

11:18:TW 1b

11:18:TW 2a

This strawberry cup is say Spring to me.

11:18:TW 2b

11:18:TW 3a

11:18:TW 3b

I’m not sure why but I find this tea cup pattern in the thrift store fairly often.

11:18:TW 3c

That’s all for today!

this week

the studio is coming along-

doesn’t really look much better then a week ago, but things seem much more in control. These photos were from this morning-

My desk- see- I’ve got some dolls going!

And this is the fun part- I’ve been organizing my threads.

All those colors make me so happy.

I have my next tiny world pincushion class this Thursday. I have had a request to hold another Tiny World pincushion class in October. If I scheduled a class for October 17, would anyone be interested? Email me if you are- mimik@pobox.com. I will need 3 more people to make it a go (min. of 5).

tiny world pattern- it’s now available!


My testers finished it quickly- Thank you! The feedback was mulled over, tweaks were made and here it is!

For your info- here is the description-

Make your own Tiny World Make-do Pincushion! This PDF pattern is 21 page and includes pattern templates, written instructions and over 40 step-by-step photographs.

Supplies needed for this project include- a tea cup, wool fabric and felt, basic sewing supplies like needles and thread, stuffing and glue.

This project is suitable for anyone with basic hand sewing skills.

Upon purchase, instructions for downloading the pattern will be emailed within 24 hours. I will send it to your etsy email address unless I am instructed otherwise in the note to seller.

This pattern is for home use only. This pattern is copyrighted and cannot be re-sold, reproduced or shared without permission.

This pattern is in Adobe pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this pattern–available free at adobe.com.

Here is a link to my etsy shop.

the rest of the houses

that I’ve finished-

this one is on it’s way to Texas-

I had some thrift store fun today- a bag of woolies and more teacups. The local Goodwill makes me crazy because they separate the cups and saucers, so I find a perfect cup but the saucer is nowhere to be found- arg! But, I managed to find 5 which is actually pretty great.

I am thinking I might teach a class on making these tiny worlds- maybe at the end of Februaryish?  Are you local to Boston?  Would you be interested? Leave a comment or send an email- I am guaging interest at this point.

weekend report

It went pretty well. People who were there last year said it was down by half and so, taking that into consideration, it was great! As always, it is lots of fun in the South End of Boston. I knew many of the other vendors. I met new people- other vendors and buyers. And loved when friends stopped by. It is a long weekend though and exhausting. I am beginning to feel like myself again.

Here was my booth before we opened on Friday night-

I didn’t bring any tiny worlds because I only had one finished. I had 3 in progress so I finished them yesterday and put them in my shop.

Now it is time to make Christmas happen around here. Of course first I have to get all that laundry done, go food shopping, spend some quality time at the post office, uncover the beds for the kids who will be arriving in the next few days, see if I can find the floor in my studio, uncover surfaces all over the house… things do get neglected when I am preparing for a show!

tiny worlds

well, I have been getting some things done… small projects that are taking much longer then they should because of all that other stuff. I am trying to make some smaller things to fill out my booth at the Marketplace.

Pin cushion worlds! This is the first time I’ve made any with the idea of selling them. Here are the first ones-

house 1-

house 2-

and Rapunzel’s tower-

Here is the back view- since that is what I always want to see-

I wanted to use the extremely flowery decoration on these tea cups as inspiration. I thought about houses with gardens. There are more in the works.