teaching in San Francisco?

tiny worldsI will be in San Francisco again this summer for the Renegade Craft Market on July 27 and 28. I am thinking about teaching a Tiny World class while I’m there. It would be either before (Thurs 7/25 or Fri 7/26) or after the show (Tues 7/30). Is anyone interested?

Details- it is a 6 hour workshop, 8 people max, cost will be approx. $75. I am trying to gauge interest before I buy my plane tickets.

And, don’t forget I will be at the Art Retreat just a few weeks later. I’m filling up my teaching schedule!

Owl Class

My first day of Artist-in-Residence at Gather Here was fantastic. We had loads of fun in the owl class.

Mid-afternoon was quiet and I organized supplies and went over the owl pattern on my own.

The evening brought the students- everyone worked really hard.

And look who was hatched by the end of the evening- A Parliament of Owls!

Tonight we’ll be making swaddled babies.

Great Weekend!

The tiny world class was great fun!

There were 6 of us around the table (including me). One of the participants was an enthusiastic 10 year old crafter who came with her mom. She did a great job and showed everyone else up by finishing first!

Here are a few shots of the finished projects-

I managed to forget to click on my macro function so all of the individual shots I took were out of focus. Thankfully other people took some photos and were able to send them to me-

There is another here.

And today was opening day for the South End Open Market. I love going down and seeing all my friends. And getting a cupcake.


Now I’ve got some Tiny Worlds to finish and then more foxes. See you soon!

grey owl and class reminder

A gray owl made from the softest cashmere sweater ever. This owl will be going to NYC for the Luv-able & Hug-able show in December.

I was going to work on a pattern for the owl this week, but my scanner broke and I realized that I was being haunted by the deadline for this show. Better to get the pieces done. And, I took notes as I made this one.

I am doing a Tiny World class on Saturday, October 30 at my house. I had 2 people drop out today. Is anyone interested in joining us? Info here.

a class yesterday

well, I think I have all the proof I need. Working messy is contagious. People catch it from me-

first hour-


We had a great time and here is where everyone was at the end of the day-

There were 2 last minute cancellations so there were 6 instead of 8, but we managed to fill the table. I love seeing the different ways that people approach the same project. Endless variations.

I want to do a fish class next but have to find a venue for it. It needs a bit more space since it involves sewing machines and a larger finished project. I will try to figure out a date for a next class- whatever it turns out to be- in the next week, and post about it. I am thinking late April.

tiny world class 2

I taught another tiny world class yesterday. It was a great day for it- overcast and cool. Perfect to gather with friends and do a project! There were 9 students all together, but, as usual, I forgot to take photos and only have a few of the projects to show.

In the morning, we all worked on little houses-

After lunch we made our “hills” and put them all together. Here are some that got finished- sorry for the not-so-great photos.


Greta’s- glue drying in progress-

She added a side garden- isn’t it adorable!

Crystal‘s- she wrote more about the class here

And my son, Julian, took the class too. Here is his-

Everybody did really well. Each person was able to do something unique which made it their own. It is so much fun to see what people come up with.

I will be teaching again on Saturday, October 17. Space is limited to 8, so let me know if you are interested.

this week

the studio is coming along-

doesn’t really look much better then a week ago, but things seem much more in control. These photos were from this morning-

My desk- see- I’ve got some dolls going!

And this is the fun part- I’ve been organizing my threads.

All those colors make me so happy.

I have my next tiny world pincushion class this Thursday. I have had a request to hold another Tiny World pincushion class in October. If I scheduled a class for October 17, would anyone be interested? Email me if you are- mimik@pobox.com. I will need 3 more people to make it a go (min. of 5).