Wow! What a week!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am overwhelmed by the response to my Handmade Portrait! I’ve been getting all choked up when I read the comments on the Storque article. And people are entering the giveaway and actually posting it to their blogs. I have to admit that when the wonderful people at Etsy suggested doing a giveaway where people would have to post the video to their blog, I thought- um, No one will want to do that- well, except my husband, but he might have ulterior motives. So again- Thank you for all the internet love. I’ve been floating on it since Wednesday!

A Reminder- To be included in the giveaway drawing, you need to send an email with a link to once you’ve posted the video on your blog. All the info is here. You can enter anytime up til 5pm ET.

I am trying very hard to pull myself away from the computer and spend some time in my studio and actually get back into the groove of making stuff. There has not been enough of that for the past few months. I am hoping that the major distractions that have kept me away from my desk are now behind me. See you soon with some finished dolls.

4 thoughts on “Wow! What a week!

  1. Mimi, I was so happy, on so many levels, to see your handmade portrait. You inspire me, as ever. I wish I had a blog to post it to. And I must know what headgear you are wearing, as I know I need it–light and magnification? Where do I get it? Congratulations on the video, on all of your accomplishments, and on your incredible focus and work eithic!

  2. I loved seeing your video, and you, Mimi; congratulations. It has been really good to see your success building over the years. BTW, I didn’t know you had a third child until this week! Our families are similar :)

  3. Mimi: So your an empty nester now. It will take some time to get used to that void but knowing how busy you stay you’ll find more to do with less interuptions. It’s a new beginning. Life changes just when you think everything is settled in it changes once again. I guess it is just part of our life process.
    Enjoy !

  4. I just came aross your website and am very impressed. You are a sister crafter I can see. I just have departments all over my house filled with “stuff.” My ultimate dream is to be just like you and create all day long…..can’t wait until retirement.

    Thanks for sharing your craft.
    Cathie in Milwaukee

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