Tiny World Pin cushion giveaway

and another thing!

Check it out! To celebrate the Handmade Portrait, I’ll be giving away this tiny world- all the details are here.

Well, okay, I will put them here too-

Embed the Handmade Portrait video on your blog and email the link to your post to mimi.kirchner.giveaway@gmail.com by 5 p.m. ET, Friday, September 4, 2009. I will pick one lucky person using a random number generator.

If you don’t know how to embed a video on your blog, no worries, it’s simple. Here’s how:

-Click the symbol that looks like a sideways V on the video player at the top of the Storque post.
-Copy the embed code from the “embed” tab.
-Paste the embed code into the html of your own blog post.
-Send the link to your blog post to me at the giveaway gmail address above!

24 thoughts on “Tiny World Pin cushion giveaway

  1. Tried to put into on to my wordpress blog but as usual it wont accept embedded videos. However I have put it on my facebook page no problem :)

  2. oh mimi, you rock. love your video, going to tweet it now and hey, will try the directions above. i am such a dork about that though… anyway, cheers!

  3. the you tube peice is wonderful. it captures you and your work beautifully. so nice to see you (even by video) being so happy and creative.

  4. Hi Mimi. Nice video! It is now on my blog. I would love to win and I appreciate your work I am a quilter and a sometimes dollmaker and I too love to collect stuff!

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  6. I love your work! This pincushion is amazing! I put your video on my blog, zepsuty.blogspot.com. Thanks for your work!

  7. I do not have a blog but just wanted to say- HOW CUTE! I guess that’s it…carry on ;-)

  8. off to try the directions as well….i am not the brightest bulb on manipulating my pc at times… lol, why i married an electronics geek! Will blog about it though and link to you for sure! absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. This video makes me so happy Mimi, it’s awesome. I’ve posted it to my blog, thanks for sharing your doll world with us!

  10. The portrait was so so enjoyable. Collecting “stuff” must be hereditary, do you think? I am a third generation collector. I have a perfect spot for the pincushion, center stage, of course.

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  12. Hi Mimi,

    Best of luck with your giveaway. I hope that you get to meet some lovely people and hear all the wonderful things that are being said about your work all around the world!

  13. hi mimi,
    here iam again yes love your stuff and dolls sure love to win your give a way pin cup/sauser
    love nathalie from the Netherlands

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