and right on to winter

A winter sweater lady.

I don’t know why she suddenly had to be made- she has been in my sketchbook for several years now. But, here she is, a little out of season! I’m thinking I will try to do a few fall versions.





11 thoughts on “and right on to winter

  1. She looks like I feel after putting on 18 layers of clothes to combat the winter’s cold. Love her cheeks and the scale of her head to the rest of her body. Nicely done!

  2. She is great Mimi, looks like she has been hiking up a hill and getting red cheeks. Great hair, great hat – great everything really.

  3. I’ve been away, but wanted to let you know I love your sweater ladies. The cheeks are great- though when I have rosey cheeks now, it’s probably a hot flash :D

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