Ben is away and the house is quiet.

I am enjoying the morning light in the new studio room. And playing with fall colors.



After another trip to the thrift store that failed to produce any more wool in the right color for doll skin, I decided it was time to try dyeing some. Have you ever noticed that if you go to the thrift store, looking for something in particular, you can never find it. I try for the open-minded approach but at this point, most of the great bargains are just going to cause storage problems when I get home. I look for wool skin tones and stripes. I don’t find them but somehow still come home with a bag… ahem, see above.

So, time to do some dyeing. I love it when all the dye goes into the fabric and the water turns clear- there is something very satisfying about that somehow. Lookin’ good!


6 thoughts on “friday

  1. Absolutely- I never find the thing I’m looking for at the thrift store.I usually find something good, but never they thing I think I am going to find. OTOH, it’s hard to go wrong with an impulse purchase at the thrift, ( although I have managed, with furniture….).
    Have you ever thought of having a machine knitter make you a big blanket of stripes that you could felt? I don’t have a knitting machine anymore, but if I did I would gladly barter for doing the work. It could be upcycled, still- all those lonely balls of wool dk weight that seem to show up.

  2. Mimi – what kind of dye do you use? I’ve never heard of the dye disappearing into the fabric like that. The stuff we have in Uk, Dylon, is hard to use and you never know what the result is going to be.

  3. I’ve never dyed fabric before, but seeing the photo of the submerged fabric soaking up the color in that pot makes me want to give it a try. Perhaps when the weather starts getting colder it would be a fun project.

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