prizes! and some other doings.

woohoo! I won Crystal’s giveaway and my prize arrived in the mail today!


love this little detail-


Crystal is my good friend and fellow member of Boston Handmade. Thanks Crystal! This sweet little pair will live in my studio and keep me company while I work.

Several people asked me about the dyes I use. Firstly let me say that I am no dyeing expert. I am pretty bad at it and almost always end up with splotchy fabric… well unless that is what I want. Then I get a solid color. I know this going into the project so I try not to be too focused on a perfect result. I use Cushing dyes– an acid dye for wool.

Other stuff I’ve been doing.

It was a sad day today- after listening to Science Friday and watching the video, I knew that my tomatoes were infected with late blight. I pulled them all up today. Ah well, I got a pretty good crop and will look forward to next year.

Over the weekend, I redid the faces on two dolls- ones that many commenters said looked sad. At the time (last month), I couldn’t really see it. Now, with fresh eyes, I decided I needed to change them.


Old Face


New Face


Old Face


New Face

4 thoughts on “prizes! and some other doings.

  1. So, what did you do differently to change them from sad to happy? I assume it’s something in the slant of the eyebrows, the upturn in the corners of the mouth? I’m always amazed at the expressions on your dolls. I’ve seen some in the Flickr group before (the Purl Doll) and it is evident that you’ve got skills, in spades.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. mimi, your girls are lovely, no matter their expressions, and often all the more because of them. for the record, i adore the forlorn look. ;)

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