I think this is progress

I am feeling pretty good after my latest rearrange. This is my desk with the purl girls (from the trip) moving forward. The space is beginning to feel functional.


I’ve been haunted by this post about some very organized floss. Looks dreamy, doesn’t it.

Somewhere in the middle of this rambling post from 2 years ago, is a description of how I was organizing my floss. Every time I needed a color, I ended up pulling everything out of the bag and spreading it all out- time consuming and messy. Time to try something new.

So, first I went to my local art store and bought one box (Artbin Prism 6) to try. Yes, I liked it. I bought another at Joanns with my 40% off coupon. Okay, I was convince that this might work for me. Then, I went to the Joanns online, where the boxes were on sale, and bought the rest that I needed. Yesterday morning the boxes arrived and I organized all my floss- so much fun!


They are not as neat and pretty as the boxes in the original post, but that is probably a reflection of my life in general.


I like this organizing system for several reasons-

My ADHD needs clear storage. That is a given.

I can divide the colors up into small divisions so I don’t have to sort through so many skeins to find what I want.

I like my floss how it comes- as a skein. I will wind it onto a card or empty spool only when it has become hopelessly tangled. The skeins fit perfectly in these boxes.

I can keep the unused cut threads (those pieces with 4 strands or oops, I-guess-this-is-the-wrong-color pieces) together with the rest of the same colors.

These boxes fit very nicely into my desk drawer.


Okay, that was fun. There is something so incredibly satisfying about doing a job like this. One tiny part of my life is now neat, organized and in control- Hurray!

16 thoughts on “I think this is progress

  1. I love it. Whenever I hit a creative block (which you clearly do not have at present) I organize. Sorting by color and type and shape is relaxing and as you say… so rewarding. It usually kick starts my creative juice again. I’ve been following your studio progress with great interest. I’m a former Bostonian myself, now living in a bug infested swamp called Florida and jealous of your approaching fall colors.

  2. I love sorting things and organizing…it procures me great pleasureand putting things away helps me to organize things also in my mind….

  3. Those look great! I’ll need to sell a bit more stuff before I can afford them, but being able to SEE the floss, AND leave it in a skein…priceless!

  4. I think it was after you raided my high school floss organizer that floss order-envy germinated in your heart – got your creative juices flowing, I think. I’m delighted to see that your solution is so much better than mine! Not having a clear storage container is a real drawback in my method.

  5. I MUST have clear storage. I may as well throw it away as put it in a closet or box. Sorting is very soothing. I think it hits some primal nerve, because it makes me soooo relaxed.

  6. Very inspiring. My floss is in a tangled mess in one box!! Eek. Good job Mimi, makes me think to do something with mine.

  7. My floss is all jammed into zip-lock bags. :-( I’ll be looking for these containers now. Just looking at those lovely colors organized like that makes me smile!

  8. Mimi!
    Congrats on your win from Crystal! I just found your site and love the posts I have seen. Will come back and read back further to “get to know you” when I have more time … lol!
    Hugs and have a super day!
    Betty :)
    ps … I’m also having a giveaway …. and maybe you have the lucky mojo goin’? …?

  9. oh my gosh!
    your post made my whole day!

    my favorite things are containers, colors and supplies so you have just made me smile from ear to ear!

    what a great system you have created!

  10. Great things take time, your room is coming together as you get used to the newness of it all. I’ve used the ArtBin brand containers for some time and have all manner of things stored in them, floss, buttons, tiny trims, sewing machine feet, colored pencils etc. There is such a nice selection of sizes to choose from and the plastic is so crystal clear it is wonderful to look at, real eye candy! :0)

    Best, Ani

  11. Oh, wow. This makes me want to buy a few new colors of embroidery floss. There is something so exciting about adding a new color to the family.

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