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this is going to be one of those all over the place posts… bear with me.

It is a rainy day today- hurray! We haven’t had rain since my July workshop and everything in the garden has been shriveling up. That said, I hope it stops by the weekend because I will be showing at the South End Open Market on Sunday (9/16). It is the Open Studio weekend in the South End. I will be sharing tent space with Betsy of Stonehouse Studios.

I have had a classic me kind of morning.


I went upstairs to get to work. My table and desk had gotten to the critical point where I had to do a little cleaning up. I dug down through the layers- tattoo men patterns and fabric on top, a few big man pattern pieces and floss colors, lots of swaddled baby wool and rejected cut out applique pieces. Okay, I got the table usable again. Back to work on my latest tattoo guy. I was busily embroidering away, trying out some new stitches on the hair. Having fun. I ran out of my color and went to find the skein- I couldn’t find it.  Arg! I HAD to have more. I went through my drawer. Everything out. It turns out to be a clean and sort morning. I pulled out the wood cigar box at the very back of the drawer. (This box has history. My mom used it to store rayon embroidery threads probably as old as the 1920’s. I still have those threads although I’ve never figured out anything to do with them.) The box has a big tangle of floss that probably dates back to the 60’s. Not anymore though- I untangled them and sorted them by color and added them to my other threads. And, I did find my dark brown floss- see, I knew I had it!
And here is the drawer now- probably doesn’t look so great to you, but it works for me-


other things-

* An acknowledgment- I want to credit this cute little girl by Heidi for the push to make my tattoo guys. I have lots of ideas in my head and sketchbook that never get made. The dolls in limbo. There is always some little spark that causes one idea to jump to the front of the line. I’d been mulling over the toile/tattoo idea since June.

* I got an IPod for my birthday- I know, I was the last person to get one. I love it!!! I am still figuring out all the great things I can do with it. As of yesterday, I am a CraftyPod-aholic. After a few tries I successfully got the podcasts onto my Ipod- I was a bit Itunes store phobic- afraid I’d be sucked into some money pit vortex or something. Phew, over that! Anyway, I’ve listened to about 10 so far and have to remind myself that I don’t have to listen to all of them at once. They are so much fun though- as I listen I am thinking/saying “Yes, yes, yes! That’s just the way I do it” or “I think that too!”. I love hearing the voices of the people whose blogs I read. Now I will go on a Craftypod diet so I’ll be able to savor them longer.

This is my table now- tattoed men and tikis piled up.  Lots of projects started…


11 thoughts on “rainy day news

  1. Some days are just meant to be like that!

    I have a question for you – I’ve started working with felt and I was wondering what to use to cut a perfect circle – my freehand ones leave a lot to be desired! Any ideas?

  2. can you come to my house and clean my craft space? :-) thanks for my birthday wishes. Typepad doesn’t always send me an email so I nearly missed you. I am having a rainy day inside today as well, catching up on boring but necessary paperwork. Best of luck for the market, I have my first coming up in two weeks and nothing ready yet! argggggggg :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing your “can do” approach to your workspace. It is inspirational to me. I have been locked in an all or nothing, perfectionist, attitude about re-entering my process. I have been stalled at the reorganizing phase. You have a friendly, practical, and self-accepting, attitude about your process. I have been enjoying my subscription and want you to know that somewhere there is an artist who is getting an infusion of hope from your sharing.

  4. Really enjoyed this post, Mimi. Was right there with you and the tangled floss, digging around for what your memory *told* you was there *somewhere*! You beat me to the iPod – I am still without one. Don’t even know what Craftypod is but it sounds great! Maybe for my birthday …

  5. I am glad to see that the great and the good also end up with a messy work area it makes me a mere mortal feel a little less inadequate!!

  6. i’m amazed you have embroidery thread dating back to the 20’s!!

    also…you’re NOT the last one to get an IPod…i STILL don’t have one.

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