sweater guy 2

and the last for now-


He is my #50 doll for the year so far!



I think they could be paired up for some cute couples!


Here is the whole gang-


I will be listing them on Etsy this afternoon. If you buy a pair, take a $25 discount.

10 thoughts on “sweater guy 2

  1. HI~~~I’m a Taiwanese. I love all your dolls very much!! And I admired your creativity and perseverance. The dolls makes me feel warm ~ just like the afternoon sunshine~ ^^

  2. i just found you, and i just loved ur dolls the funny big shape and small head .. oh, my god the school girl and uhhh the tiny world.. its amazing i cant have enough just looking at it and dreaming….

    keep up the good work and best of luck…

  3. Lovely as always! just the snow is missing. Not that I want any.
    My dolls try to escape the house. Don´t know what do do ;)

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