October plans


I will be at the South End Open Market on October 18 with my pals of Boston Handmade.

On Oct. 17, I am doing a Tiny World class- yes, there is still space available- info here.

I am working on a new pattern-


Kitties! I am working on a pattern for this kitty that will include clothes to make it either a girl or boy kitty. I find this pattern writing thing to be very difficult, in case you are hearing some screams coming from my window.


Here are some of the original kitties I made.

9 thoughts on “October plans

  1. Love the kitty! I’ll be arriving in Boston on Thursday and will definitely try to get to the Market on the 18th if we have the day off. It will be great to finally get a chance to see more of your work in person and to meet you!

  2. I feel you on the pattern writing. I go off road so much that I have a hard time replicating anything, let alone explaining what and how and where I left the pavement! But, I like the muzzle on the kitty very much.

  3. Mimi, I feel your pain. I LOATHE pattern writing but I have done a few now and it really does get easier. You get to take little explanations and swap and change them, so it is less starting from scratch each time –

    But it is still my least favourite thing to do ever!

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