I’ll be getting out the dye pot

A tattooed lady-





I’m playing with some ideas and that means time to dye more toile. I have enough scraps to do some experiments and tests, but… Sometimes playing with the little bits means wasting a huge amount of time figuring out how to make the idea work with what I’ve got instead of figuring out the best design. Luckily, I’ve been collecting  toile, so the first challenge of any tattoo person project is checked off. I’m working on these ideas while trying to write the kitty pattern. We shall see if this keeps me sane or makes me crazy!

15 thoughts on “I’ll be getting out the dye pot

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  2. I LOVE HER! I have a couple of tattoos, and this doll is just a darling! I’ve been following your site, love your work, and now this! EXCELLENT JOB!

  3. I found some toile in the remnants bin at Joann’s…had to have it, thanks to you! My tatooed brother and his tatooed partner are getting Mimi-inspired dolls for Christmas, I think.

  4. I love your tatooed series! However, this lovely lady needs a corseted skirt, like dance hall ladies used to have.

  5. Mimi! She is wonderful! Of all your dolls I love the tattoo series the most. Can’t wait to see you and your dolls in person on the 17th!

  6. Wow! I just LOVE your work! This one is a real joy! Your fabric usage is perfect! I really enjoy the DOLL updates! Thank you!

  7. I absolutly love this! It reminds me a Coney Island circus lady! Great work, thanks for all the beautiful dolls.

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