working away

Things are very busy- so much that I am getting behind with posting the finished dolls- and that is usually the most fun for me! That is what happens when there is a show around the corner.

Everything, everywhere in the house is covered with my projects. Some studio photos-




I don’t know if you can see, but I’ve set up some photo postcards of the swaddled babies on my shelf to keep me inspired. I made several sets of photo postcards to sell at the show this weekend.

My other exciting buy is some fabric from Spoonflower– I am SO excited about this!


Right now I am trying to get some ornaments put together for the weekend. I will post photos when I figure out a way to put them together that I like.

This morning I snipped my finger with my shears- ouch! That was a sign to me- Slow Down! Of course it is also a sign that I have nice sharp scissors- lucky me :)

7 thoughts on “working away

  1. Are you going to sell the fabric on your etsy? I can see it flying out the door as soon as it’s posted. It is awesome indeed.

  2. Wonderful fabric, Mimi. I too am wondering what you will do with it. I’ll bet it would fly out the door at Etsy. Love the newest girl in the striped sweater.

  3. P.S. Tell me about the African American doll in your banner. I’m a dollmaker, too. What is the face made of? I really love it. Beth

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