more studio photos

I want to show you what I did with the used flat file I bought last March.

The top two drawers are where I store my crewel wool. Son Julian made me those cardboard dividers when he was home last summer.

The third drawer down has misc. embroidery threads- ribbon embroidery, Danish Flower threads, crochet cotton, other random stuff. I store my floss over here.

Fourth and fifth drawer- all my delicious wool felt.

Then comes the buttons- drawer six-

and drawer seven. I just got these 2 drawers arranged after Christmas.

The bottom 3 drawers have papers and things that I stuffed into them when I moved- ie more potential goodie organized storage space. This flat file organizing is working well for me. It helps me see so much of what I need to choose from at one time.

One last thing to show you- my roll of paper. It hangs right above my desk, always handy for when I have an idea or am making a test pattern.

18 thoughts on “more studio photos

  1. Mimi, I’m swooning over the buttons, yarns & threads, organization, and the sheer volume of it.

  2. I think I’m going to need some flat drawers in my new studio . . . The house isn’t even finished yet and I’m already worried about the studio being too full!

  3. Looks good, Mimi! I always look carefully at odd pieces of furniture as they may be the perfect storage for supplies. Looks like this file folder is perfect for its new use.

  4. I love my great big flat file–though it is only filled with paper and doesn’t see much action these days. Actually I should say the third drawer from the bottom sees a lot of action–it’s the crepe paper drawer. I love how you have utilized your drawers! Nice to be able to see your stuff, isn’t it?!

  5. I think I may have drooled a little looking at your supplies in the flat file…

    …no, I’ll fess up. I really DID drool.

    I could look at organized sewing supplies all day… *sigh*.

    : )

  6. I’m so envious of your wonderfully organized and ready to use supplies! Especially that collection of wool… and I LOVE buttons!

  7. That’s an amazing level of organization! Didn’t you say you had ADD….or was that some other blog I was visiting? Beth

  8. OH my all so organised! Loving 3 and 6! Love 4 and 5 too – and I could happily fondle around in 1 and 2 – ok I love it all! t.x (clever son to make those dividers! my boy is still at the mess it up for me phase!)

  9. I LOVE your studio shots! They inspire me so. I especially loved the way you hung your brown paper roll! – very handy and unique!

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