tattooed lady and snow

More snow today. It isn’t suppose to add up to much, but it is making it hard to get decent photos.

I’d gotten discouraged with this lady. I was questioning all of the choices I’d made when I sewed her together- color combinations, head shape, blah, blah, blah… these are the type of choices where there is no going back. Probably part of the feeling was due to starting up again in January, after the enthusiasm and forward motion of the fall had stalled. Anyway, I plugged away, going back and forth with other dolls and I am very happy with how she’s turned out! Hurray for perseverance!

8 thoughts on “tattooed lady and snow

  1. I’m glad you stuck with her and let her personality emerge. It’s hard to imagine her being any other way–she is so confidently herself.

  2. I’m a portrait artist and I’ve been making waldorf dolls for a couple of years now. Do you have any suggestions for how to get more expressive and individual in doll making? I love what you are doing. Beth

  3. Dear Mimi
    I LOVE your tatooed lady. I am writing an article on handmade dolls for our Australian/New Zealand magazine – GET CREATIVE. I would love to point readers to your site to learn about you and your work. But I need a photo of one of your dolls. Plse let me know if you can email one through.
    Many thanks
    Jacquie Byron
    Editor, Get Creative Magazine

  4. Dear Mimi
    I would love to get a photo of your tatooed lady to place in an article I am writing on handmade dolls. I want readers to see your wonderful work. Let me know if you are interested.
    Kind regards
    Jacquie Byron
    Editor, Get Creative Magazine
    Mobile: 0409 534 402

  5. Just love the detailing work on this doll, Mimi! The striped shoes, the flower in her hair, the red stitching on the ric-rac of the neckline, her facial expression — all fabulous! So glad you didn’t give up on her.

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