You may or may not have heard, but we’ve been getting a lot of rain here. Record amounts. Luckily for us, the roof is sound and the basement is dry. The backyard has another pool but that will be gone in a few days. I wonder how the flowers that have already come up will fare?

Yesterday, when the rain was really coming down,  I went to see how a local stream was looking. Pretty full-

Today we had a little excitement around a downed wire- it involved sparks, smoke, fire… The firemen showed up and kept an eye on things until the electric company arrived to deal with it.  We chatted. It came up that I am an artist. I showed them what I do and told them I needed a photo for my blog.

Thanks guys!

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  1. Mimi, your photo made me laugh out loud!
    Today was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day in Chicago…the first real spring (almost summer!) day. Hope it’s heading in your direction!

  2. what a HOOT mimi!! (the firemen…not the serious downpours). i can just hear the Boston accents coming out of these guys…you are really too, too much!

  3. I have a photo of me with the firemen from a movie I AD’d on. They are real heroes and real guys, 100%. A fireman saved me AND my dog when I was a little kid so I have a soft spot for ’em.

    WOW, now about that rain — !!! Stop it.

    Take care, Mimi.
    Candace in Athens

  4. I’ll bet they went back to their station and told everyone about the artist they met and her dolls…

  5. Most excellent Mimi! Both great photos, too! One impressive and the other so sweet and funny! It is great to see our town’s finest taking a moment to appreciate your dolls. And I agree with Marianne, you might have to do a Fireman doll! :)

  6. Mimi I hope I didn’t start trouble! I live and work in the area, and one of my co-workers is married to an Arlington firefighter…I forwarded this to her and she nearly fell over. Your blog photo is now making the rounds at the firehouse, and may or may not be printed into a poster!! Hahahaha thanks for the laughs on this dreary day.

  7. With what you’re going through right now, you should have had them holding a fish or two as well :D

  8. I had to laugh out loud Mimi. Those two firemen looked so cute accomodating you for your blog picture ! how cute is that? Good For You! Hope your wire fire turned out ok …
    We didn’t stay dry here at 29 Veronica ! seepage in our family room here in NH. But we were very lucky, but 3 times in one month is getting very old ! These all nighters are catching up with me. All is dry for now lets hope that is all the flooding we get for a very long time. It has been an interesting winter !

  9. Poster ! Oh a poster would be just great ! The fireman with the girl dolls . Looks rather pleased with his new girlfriends ! LOL I can’t stop laughing…Love it ! And Yes a fireman is a MUST !

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