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I went out to my favorite local cemetery which happens to border on some woods, and took more photos today.

This one looks like a Christmas card family picture. You’d think that since the dolls can’t get up and run away, it would be easy to get a decent photo. No way! I spent so much time arranging and rearranging and took loads of pictures to get one I liked.

I took this one in my studio on Friday-

Before the cemetery, I went into Boston to buy some 2mm felt from FilzFelt. I’ve got an idea I need to try out.

Delicious colors and all wool!

*update- all the forest girls are in my etsy shop now*

6 thoughts on “more photos

  1. The green eyes really make it!

    It still looks wintery up north, like Christmas time.

    I’ve had the same problem photographing certain things; objects I can arrange give me the most trouble.

  2. Hi Mimi—would you share your Boston source for that fabulous felt?

    And wow! What a nice new collection you’ve made. I love seeing what you make.

  3. yowzers mimi…i love this whole new direction of doll. the two layered hair adds so much texture, the woodsey-ness palette of clothes is just perfect, and of course i’m mesmorized by all the detail of the stitching…i love doll2’s corset-thing, using sweater ribbing is genius!

    and filzfelt? i have some stitched hearts from them and that wool is thick,thick…my curiosity is peaked for sure!

    i’ve been saving your posts for some peace and quiet which i finally have and it’s good to catch up…i’ve missed you…good to see all the wonderfulness you’ve been creating…xxx

  4. FUNtastic. Like the tip about Fitzfelt too, thanks much! You have been so so so busy, and aren’t cemeteries just the perfect place sometimes for “family” photos? Your girls are perfect, each and every one.

    Take care.
    Candace in Athens.

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