past week

It’s been a weird week. When I finish some pieces that I really like, as with the forest girls, it can be very difficult to get on track again. I started a number of new girl dolls this week. They are in a pile on my desk. They have had faces on, faces off. Then on again. And off again! Legs on. Legs off. New legs. Legs reattached. Clothes made and rejected. Hair on. Now I am sure it needs to be redone. A very frustrating week. Jodie is very eloquent about it here.

The weather has turned beautiful though after all the rain. I found this on the road while taking a walk-

A little bird skull.

And at the park, all the turtles were out catching rays. It seems so early but really, what do I know about that.

Yesterday, Ben and I went to the Western Ave Studios in Lowell. We visited Liz


and Linda, who I forgot to take a photo of- sorry! It was a beautiful day to get out of the house and studio and go for a ride.

I did finish one doll this week. Well, I haven’t looked at her today but last night I thought she was finished. Hopefully I will get some photos later.

Happy Easter!

5 thoughts on “past week

  1. The forest girls are just perfect!
    I have had a bit of a start and stop week or so myself. Things always seem to come around, though, don’t they?

  2. Kaffe Fassett is encouraging about mistakes, though he’s talking about completed projects that you take a look at and think “Yuck!”. He says that someone will come along, years later, snatch up the awful-mistake-thing and offer you a lot of money for it.

    Well, maybe. Not if you’ve already unpicked it, of course. Hope this week is better.

  3. Thanks so much for coming by! It was wonderful to see you and your sweetie. Connie and Cathy enjoyed meeting you, too.

    I’m gonna fix those signs so other people can find the stairs next First Saturday, when Western Avenue has its a big Spring event – pick up a card, visit participating artists, get your card punched, and win a gift certificate!

  4. Great photos and tour here, Mimi. What great colours! Thank you for sharing. I found a little bird skull also. And today, the first lizard of ‘010 was sunning itself on the deck.

    Take care!

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