She wasn’t done when I went and checked on her yesterday- I took off a capelet I’d make- she didn’t need it. And, I had forgotten to do some finish work on the skirt- it was still pinned on. But finally, here she is!

25 thoughts on “moonbeam

  1. Getting over that mound of ideas is so hard sometimes. There is such a smooth direction one moment, and a –i think i’ll just sit here for a bit another moment. I love the moonbeam girl though…very thoughtful and calming almost.

  2. she is absolutely stunning! love her outfit!
    thanks so much for sharing your work … you totally inspire me!

  3. The stars around the neckline make me think, I want a top like that! I do have a weekness for things star shaped. Very beautiful.

  4. I adore her skirt. It’s the perfect shade of night sky. And those little chinks of light at the windows. I can go on and on about the details (the striped tights, the star collar) – as usual Mimi you deliver the good and then some.

  5. She’s so lovely….A perfect habitat….flowers all around her. I think she’s your most beautiful doll yet….and that is saying a lot. I so appreciate your willingness to share your work….and the ups and downs…


  6. Beautiful – well I’m biased, she looks just like my daughter when she was 14

  7. I love that dark city scape as much as I love that face! What a superb girl you have shared with us here, Mimi.

    Your blog is such a delight.

  8. Lovely details on her skirt! She reminds me of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movie :)

  9. your little lady is adorable. Love the detail in the skirt too. She is full of wonderful detail in her outfit. Lovely job.

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