I’ve been working on basting the quilt together. It progresses slowly. I have an idea now for how I’m going to quilt it. But, on the basting- I collected all of my almost empty spools of thread and some random bobbins with thread but no sewing machine to use them in, and used that to baste the quilt. It is so satisfying to be finishing up all those last little bits of thread!

My desk, this afternoon-

And today we had our Patriots’ Day parade. This is Mass Ave in Arlington, about a half hour before the parade started. Sort of eerie.

And this group made me laugh-

Hope you had a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “wips

  1. Love the photo of your desk. Had to laugh! Mine looks just like that sometimes! I stopped basting my quilts and now use a “Kwik Klip” (I think that is what it is called) and large safety pins. I got tired of basting. Like the downtown scene. Looks like progress has not over run things yet.

  2. Thank-you for being so brave about displaying your desk.

    …from one of the many out here in blogland who also lives in a ‘whirlwind’ while I create!

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