2 more babies

the other 2 projects I brought to NY. I thought they were finished on Monday night. So smug. I didn’t get around to photographing them until late on Tuesday afternoon. As I was looking at them through the camera, I started to know they weren’t quite right. The photos confirmed it. Back they went to my desk. They both had some rework and now I am happier.

The green bird baby-

The first face had eyebrows but the poor baby looks so unhappy! And a little Frida Kahlo too.

The misty morning baby-

Can you see the difference? I restitched the face onto the doll. People are often surprised to find out that I usually stuff my dolls before doing the embroidery. I didn’t stuff these babies first because they were traveling with me. This face was stitched onto the doll when I stuffed it. The main baby fabric stretched when I stuffed it but the wool felt of the face didn’t. The stitches got pulled and Frankenstein-ish. Now I am happier.

The gray-blue fabric is woven cashmere that I dyed. I am not sure what color dye I was working with, but when it came out, I wasn’t thrilled and threw it into the pile of fabric to be redyed. Every time I went through the pile, it would catch my eye and I’d think about it then put it back. One day though, it followed me up to my studio and after the moonbeam girls, this baby needed to be made.

I spent several hours yesterday cleaning and sorting out piles in my studio. Wool is now mostly put away and time for toile and tattoos. I am working diligently to have a good selection of work for Renegade. It is one month from today- YIKES!  Anyway, look- open flat spaces in my studio! Well, not anymore, but I did document it while it lasted.

9 thoughts on “2 more babies

  1. If you do not mind me saying so, I think the green baby needs something in her face, no not eyebrows, but maybe a lock of hair? Just a suggestion.
    I love the bluebird baby!
    It is good to see that I am not the only one how has such a ehm neat workspace hhaha!

  2. You are really turning out these babies! They are lovely, and I can see why you removed the eyebrows. She’s perfect without them. I noticed on your previous post how you had the embroidery laid out on the train before the doll was assembled and stuffed. I’m actually heartened to hear you prefer to stuff first. I have enjoyed beading on stuffed dolls more than on flat surfaces as well. Beautiful work, Mimi, as always!

  3. Hi Mimi. I like reading about your process. I have been making fabric sculpture animals. I feel as if I am problem solving every step of the way – how to get the right effect, and so on. Sometimes a piece just isn’t “right.” It is nice to hear how that feels to others.

    Nice to read about “babies” on mother’ day! Happy day to you.

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