tattooed girl with bow

Yes, I am having trouble coming up with names here. And, I am thinking that when it takes 3 tries to do the face- embroider, pick out, embroider, pick out…- it is probably time to move onto a different kind of doll.

I am working on all that other stuff that needs to be done before a show. Labeling, packaging, organizing. And, I ordered a new tent of my very own. No more borrowing from the neighbors. I’ve got myself a summer intern from MassArt. She is helping me with some of the prep work.

And some very exciting news- my husband has a new job and he will be going to Paris for the last week of June. I am going to tag along because, guess what, I CAN!!!! The kids are all grown up now! I have SO been waiting for this moment….  Ahem.

Anyway, he is going to be very, very busy and I am going to be doing whatever I want to do. Any ideas? I know the obvious things like the museums. Which, even though I’ve been to Paris (last time in 2002) I’ve never been to. I am interested in meet-ups, crafty places, any place that would be of sewing and fabric interest. I would even be willing to teach a class if someone wanted to gather some people together. The rub is that I don’t speak French. Leave a comment or email me ( if you have some great ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Oh lucky you, I adore Paris. My DH and I are hoping to go next year. You’ll have a fabulous time, as you already know. And I love the hips on this lady, she’s marvelous!

  2. Oh Mimi! I am so glad to hear about the job! Congrats to you both! And Paris as well – does it get any better? :) My husband and I were there in August of last year and loved the Musee d’Orsee as well as Fat Tire Bike Tours. The bike tour was the highlight of the trip for us – I can tell you more at the next meetup! And I cannot wait to hear about Renegade!

  3. I love this tattooed gal with her Samba-ready hips! And Paris! Wow! What a great opportunity to just BE in Paris! The last time I was there we were in the Marais, and I found it to be heavenly to wander and cafe-jump…. There is a food writer who might be worth your time/attention named Clotilde Dusoulier, and she has a fantastic website(about food and about food in Paris) call Chocolate & Zucchini( She might be able to point you in the direction of some incredible treats!

  4. I have just found you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dolls. They are completely nuts. Fabulously nuts.

  5. Mimi, I have been hoping to read a sentence like that here on your blog for a long time…”My husband has a new job”. I say celebrate and have a wonderful time in Paris – I am so so happy for you !

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  7. Paris in June – how WONDERFUL! The Musee d’Orsay is a must-see with the best of Impressionist art as well as furniture, with a roof top cafe (caveat – all the smoker puff outside on the balcony), the Rodin Museum has some of his greatest pieces placed throughout the beautiful gardens.

    I love your new doll!

  8. Wow, Mimi, all great news. I love Paris. You will be just walking everywhere and enjoying every moment. Yeah! I love this doll, too

  9. Ooh, sounds fun! Consider watching the 1967 film Play Time by Jacques Tati to get into the Gallic mood: you don’t need the language to enjoy it. But a girl named “Mimi” really oughta learn some French…!

  10. I love this doll. I like how “hippy” she is. I think she needs a Russian name for some reason…Natalia? Congrats to your husband on his job and you getting to tag along. That sounds like fun! I hope you get to teach a class over there. How fun would that be?!

  11. She looks great and clearly a lot of us relate to her hips :-). Also so great about your trip to Paris. I haven’t been recently but I had an awesome fabric-filled time in Alsace … there was a shop there La Drogerie which has a Paris location as well, with all manner of trims, buttons, beautiful wool felt etc. They sometimes host workshops …. don’t know how quickly they might be able to react to a proposal but IMHO they should be honored to host you. Have a wonderful time!

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  13. Bonjour, depuis trois ans je suis admirative, vous êtes ma révélation, j’ai beaucoup aimé les courges, les trois couples et votre utilisation de la toile de jouy est formidable pour les personnages tatoués.

    j’anime un club de création de poupées le 26 juin 14h30 à 18h, chez
    Automates et Poupées 97 avenue Daumesnil Paris 75012.
    Une fois par mois depuis deux ans sous le nom de :
    Mademoiselle mine de Rien

    Lorsqu’il fait beau nous sommes dehors, nous cousons devant le magasin
    Si vous êtes à Paris à cette date, nous serions honorés de vous accueillir.

    Catherine Bochard

  14. Here’s what Catherine says, Mimi: She’s admired you for three years. You’re a revelation to her. She loved the courgettes [? Have I mistranslated?], the three couples, and your use of toile for the tatooed people is tremendous. She’s been hosting a doll-making club once a month for two years under the name of Miss Although-it-doesn’t-seem-like it. The next one will be on the 26th June from 2.30-6pm at Automates et Poupees (Automatons & Dolls) 97 Ave Daumesnil etc. As long as the weather’s nice, they’ll be outside. They sew in front of the shop. If you’re in Paris on that day, they’d be honoured to welcome you.

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