See what the amazing acrobat can do!

Okay, enough showing off.

Swoon worthy hair-

*note- I am not listing any of these in my Etsy shop at this point. I will update my shop right after Renegade Chicago, so sometime soon after 9/12. If you are interested in one of these fellows though, just shoot me an email. I am always happy to sell a doll.

13 thoughts on “acrobat

  1. hahahah love those acrobatic shots. and his hair stayed in place and not a drop of sweat!!!!

  2. Love the use of fabrics – great pick for the hair! Are the men you’re best sellers? I know they’re my absolute favorites!
    xoxo – Kat.

  3. I love this one! Great use of the horizontal and vertical stripes and the yellow is wonderful!!

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