august updates

It has been a crazy busy week. All kinds of things going on.

Today is the last day to enter the birthday giveaway. If you want to join in the fun, add your comment to the birthday post.

5 weeks until Renegade Chicago- Yikes! I am feeling the push. It is actually less then 5 weeks because I have to send out the work beforehand. This is my first travel-by-plane show. It will be interesting to see how it all goes. I am thinking a lot about the booth and how to set it up with the minimum of props.

I am going to be teaching in October. I will be doing a Tiny World class at my house on Saturday, Oct. 30. More info here. Email me if you’d like to join the fun. It looks like I will also be teaching a Fresh Fish class- more details on that coming soon.

And now a technical question- I KNOW that Bloglines is lame and all the cool kids are over on Google Reader, but, I started on Bloglines and moving everything seems like a big chore. I subscribe to several feeds for my own blog so that I can see how they look and when the new posts get published. About a month ago, one of my Doll feeds showed up with an exclamation point next to it. That one feed has stopped working- and of course, that is the feed with the most subscribers. Arg! I figured it would fix itself, but not so far. I checked out several other blogs in my list that also had the exclamation point- Yikes! Some of them hadn’t been working for many months! Does anybody know haw to fix this? It is making me sad.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming… it turns out that mid-summer is a great time for thrifting after all. Well, this year it is anyway. I went to my favorite places on two Wednesdays in a row. I now have enough gorgeous wooliness to get me through the fall and beyond. I shouldn’t go back until January at the soonest. Right, shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t.

And lastly, I am actually going to be participating in a few shows * in galleries*  this fall. WooHoo! More news on that soon, once I have some links for you.

The months ahead are beginning to look very busy. Full steam ahead!

5 thoughts on “august updates

  1. Ohhhhh – you are making me feel the pull to go to the thrift store!!! So much harder to find wool sweaters in southern California – and oh how I wish I could join in one of your classes – I need to find my way into jetsetting society so I can meet more cool people like you!! :)

  2. Okay – my sewing area looks just like your table. Unfortunately, it’s spread around the entire kitchen… Good luck at renegade!

  3. hi there. sorry to hear about your feeds. i haven’t figured the feed thing out much, so i won’t be any help. your stuff is coming through fine on google reader. what other readers to use to check your posts? i should do this as well.


  4. I envy your ability to find woolen goods. Here, I mostly find sweaters of the plastic variety (aka acrylic or with very low natural fiber content). I love the owls by the way as well as your recent french sailor.

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