it’s my birthday

and I’m celebrating with a giveaway!

It is a celebratory bunting- at least 10 ft… maybe closer to 12. Not sure.  All wool scrap circles.  Anyway, what better giveaway for a birthday then a party decoration? Just leave a happy birthday greeting in the comments on THIS post. The giveaway will close at midnight edt on Friday, Aug. 6. I will pick one winner on Saturday by random number generator. I am happy to send it out anywhere so don’t hold back if you are international. Jump in and help me have a wonderful birthday!

96 thoughts on “it’s my birthday

  1. Mimi — Happy birthday to you! We met at Renegade Bklyn, and I’ve been thinking about your beautiful dolls ever since. Congrats on doll #50 and enjoy your day!

  2. Have A fabulous birthday, I bet all your dolls will sing you a song! Blow out your candles and make a wish!


  3. Happy Birthday Mimi!! I hope you’ll have a beautiful and sweet day full of kindness!

  4. Happy Birthday. Your work is such an inspiration to me. Thanks for all of your work with your blog/sharing with all of us out here.

  5. Hello Mimi,

    Happy Birthday!!! I love all the new dolls, and so does my daughter!! We are really fond of mermaid girls and Paris girl with polka dot. I caught up on all your new posts since Paris, What a fun trip….brought back great memories of my last visit to the fabric district in Paris 10 years ago. Last visit there was with kids, so mainly a tour of all the carousels……..!!
    I thought of you yesterday when I was in the Button Box in Wellesley MA. They have CIRCUS fabric.
    Very nice, several patterns with in the line, sort of an old fashioned Ringling Bros. look.
    Anyway, all the best to you on your Birthday!! Hope to meet you (1st meet @ Boston Handmade Holiday shop near Opera House) again someday.
    ps: We share the same birthday week..mine is the 4th!

  6. Enjoy your special day Mimi! and thank you soooo much for sharing all your creations with us. They are delightful and inspiring. Your blog is my treat along with a nice cup of tea. Happy Birthday all the way from sydney, Australia.

  7. Happy Birthday. Love the garland. Everyone should have garland for their birthday.

  8. Hi Mimi,
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you. Hope your day was wonderful and you did something great!! I love all your dolls, but especially the ones you’ve made since your trip.
    Terry H

  9. Give-a-way or not, i hope you have/had a great birthday. I look on this page regularly, I love seeing your creations!

  10. Hope you have a wonderful day! It’s so generous of you to gift someone ELSE with a present to celebrate your special day!

  11. Happiest of birthdays Mimi. I always love visiting your world (virtually) and hope it is q jolly place on your birthday. P.S. I am a Mac grad of ’85:)

  12. Happy Birthday to you
    whatever you decide to do
    make a fish or a doll
    or a tiny world
    you inspire me to be the best i can be
    and for this I thank you
    and wish you very many more happy birthdays!

  13. Happy Birthday!!! Remember….growing old ain’t for wimps!! (I know…I’m the President of the Wimps club)

  14. Mimi,
    Just a note to wish you a Happy Birthday! I have been following you for years and love your dolls/robots/etc.

    Suggestion: Make jointed paper dolls from pictures of your work and give a party favors.

  15. Mimi! I’m too late for the giveaway and that’s okay- I still have to wish you a happy birthday! All the best to you, my friend!

  16. Belated happy birthday, Mimi, from a fellow Augustinian! Alas, my Alpine vacation precluded a more timely greeting, but I can confirm that the hills were indeed alive with the sound of music, and all in your honour. ;D

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