gingerbread houses?

Sometimes I get an *idea* but the execution turns out to be a challenge. The idea- a gingerbread house tiny world. That is as far as my idea went when I started in on it- pretty typical work method for me. I like to figure it out as I go along. Anyway, I love these little worlds, but they were not easy or obvious!

That is all for now- I am off to set up my booth in an hour. If I don’t see you this weekend, see you here next week!

17 thoughts on “gingerbread houses?

  1. I love the tiny ginger bread couples, and your choice of chocolatey brown cups is perfect! It makes me want a gingerbread latte-Starbuck’s Christmas special!

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  3. Such an inspired idea! You picked the perfect cups, too. It’s great to have some extra inventory waiting in the wings for the right moment :D

  4. Mimi, I love the new tiny worlds! Can’t wait to see everything in person at the market today!

  5. Hi Mimi,
    I hope the market went well..
    I just want you to know I check your blog allmost everyday and I truly enjoy your work. You inspire me.
    Thank you for that.
    Dorien Ruben

  6. scrumptious! Love the candies on the edge of the cup!
    And i wanna drink a sweet milky tea out of the blue cup in your snowy world.:}
    thanks for sharing.

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