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I am so excited about Abby‘s book, The Artful Bird! I feel that it is a highlight on her incredible growth curve in softie making since I first met her in 2005. As I wrote in that post, she was the first blog friend that I met in person. Here is her post about that first visit. Wow- what a long time ago. She has had 2 more babies since then, made enormous leaps in designing in fabric, has had numerous shows, and now a book- Go Abby!

I was thrilled when she asked me to be part of her blog book tour- a first for me! The book is gorgeous and I love the interviews with the other bird artists. The interviews and photos of 4 other artists, all working with bird imagery, make it clear how much style shines through each artists’ (including Abby) creations. I loved seeing them all.

And look- I made the Wren! He (?) now sits perched on the living room window, supervising all the goings-on at the bird feeder. I made him out of wool- of course.

My intern, Tori, worked on one with me. She put her wings on with a button which I thought looked great! Also, she made her beak with needle-felting.

My take-away from this book? It’s not for a beginner, but if you have some experience with sewing and and love all the detail work, you will have loads of fun making these birds. I could imagine hand-sewing a bird like this, especially if you used felt. I also think that you could take a basic pattern like this one that I did and be very creative with it and make it your own. There are many useful techniques to learn from Abby. This book will be placed on my shelf of books by my friends, and next time I see Abby I am going to get her to sign it for me. Thanks for letting me be part of your book tour Abby- I loved doing it!

8 thoughts on “the Artful Bird

  1. Oh – your wrens turned out great! I pre-ordered this book – I was SO excited to finally get it. I made a small version of the crow with a little alteration to how the beak went on – this book is a real inspiration!!

  2. oh, I’ve been wanting this book for a while. Your birds look wonderful (I’m not surprised one single bit that they turned out so nice). thanks so much for sharing them!

  3. Looks like a wonderful book! I agree that it’s great to be able to meet and befriend people whose interests dovetail so neatly with your own – one massive benefit of the internet.

  4. How funny! I just ordered this book – completely unbeknowst to me that you two were “related” so to speak! I can’t wait to get it in the mail.

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