15 thoughts on “lumberjack 3

  1. I love how you did these fellows’ ears, and the knit cap for #3 is superb :D This guy looks like a real mountain man with his shaggy hair and beard. Lots of testosterone in this family!

  2. This guy looks so much like my brother that it is almost scary. This is the start of a great new series!!

  3. Your lumberjack dolls are amazing! They look so Canadian to me and remind me so much of old photos I’ve seen of lumberjacks in the early 1900s. I especially love the suspenders and how they attach to the pants. Lovely work!

  4. These brawny fellows seem alive. I can imagine whole stories around them. I was amazed when I saw the ears. Wow. love, Beth

  5. These guys are so great! Are you sure you aren’t using a photo of my boyfriend as inspiration (I love me a mountain man)?. I really love the hairline at the back, they look like real man haircuts!

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