bird lady in blue

Remember this lady? She was one of my favorite dolls of last year. Around Christmas time, I cut out all the pieces for this new lady, stuffed her, pinned on the birds and started doing the applique. Then, I put her aside. And there she lay for these last months. Finally, last weekend, with a vow to finish up some of the many partially finished dolls that I seem to be stockpiling, I got back to work on her.

The funny thing is that I would never have chosen these colors to work with at this time of year. She is most certainly a winter palette.

And this is what is on the work table now-

Hmm, which ones are boys and which ones are girls?

9 thoughts on “bird lady in blue

  1. I think ‘Socks’ is the guy! The other three are girls…you can tell…they’re at his flanks…keeping him in line! You do such a wonderful job with your dolls.

  2. Mimi-This Bird Lady is awesome! Inspired. I love her sturdy, “easel-like” torso and her delicate lady-like feet.

  3. This doll reminds me of the movie “Home Alone II” in which there was a bird lady character in the middle of Manhattan during the holiday snowy season. Wonderful!

  4. I am wondering about this abstracted looking lady. What is she thinking about? Is she dreaming about birds?

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