a pirate

I finished him. It turns out he is a pirate. I think it is the boots.

He is a patriotic pirate. He has Ben Franklin on his back and George Washington on his arm.

I used a blue variegated floss for his eyes so they are slightly different colors.

Isn’t this perfect for his hair?

I found this little buckle in my stash. Perfect.

Things don’t always go smoothly when I’m putting the dolls together. I cut this tattooed man out last spring and sewed him up at the end of May. Now I stuffed the body and did the face embroidery. I sewed the fingers and then stuffed the arms. I was about to sew the arms on when I realized they not the same size. At all. I put everything aside and went to Vermont.

Today I unstuffed both arms, back to the hands. Then I carefully retraced the pattern onto the bigger arm. There was a bit of fiddling on both, sewing, taking out, resewing. Fixing mistakes often takes much longer than you’d ever expect. And of course I don’t have enough fabric to just make new ones.

But, he made it through the reconstructive surgery. He did not end up in the pile of not-sure-how-to-fix problem dolls. Phew!



9 thoughts on “a pirate

  1. He is a hunk! I loved your post on the Shelburne Museum. I grew up 30 miles south in Middlebury and have been going all my life. Now, I am re-energized to go again and look through “Mimi eyes!”

  2. gosh, all those tattoos must have really hurt ~ teehee!
    He’s really quite handsome, love a guy with tattoos!

  3. I loved that insight into your too-big-arm problem-fix! Somehow, I don’t think if you having to tinker and fiddle like everyone else. It’s reassuring.

  4. That’s so my solution to a problem – put it down and pick up something else. It never magically resolves itself, but I am much more able to deal with it when I’ve a bit of distance. He is a lovely, piratey fellow.

  5. Oh Mimi I love them all but he has stolen my heart! I love his big back neck and that little tuft of (cleverly printed) asymmetric hair. So well observed. And that stitching….

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