Chugging along slowly here. I finished this lady yesterday. I love how her breasts and corset work with the stripes. (that line will probably get me some disappointed visitors from google search!)

I’ve recently finished reading The Corset, by Valerie Steele– inspired by the Alexander McQueen show. It is a very interesting book. I thought I’d just skim it and look at the photos, but I got sucked in and read all about the history of women shaping underwear. Yes, very interesting! And, by the way, this is not an accurate corset of any kind!

We have a big patch of Queen Annes Lace next to the driveway. Looking at it takes me back to my childhood. I remember being curious about why some of the flowers have a black dot in the center. The mysteries of nature.

6 thoughts on “corset

  1. oh, she’s lovely ~ she looks like she might have been a ballet dancer in her other life, before she became a tattooed lady.

  2. If you used the word “bustier” you might get even more disappointed visitors.

    A firm stance, stripes and all. I like her poise!

    Any ideas about seeding Queen Anne’s Lace? It’s got a wicked tap root–never been about to transplant successfully.

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