10 thoughts on “Uke

  1. Oh she’s perfect. I was just searching for ukulele songs last night and reading a NYTimes article about its resurgence in popularity.

  2. I love your dolls they are very inspiring. Great idea, I can’t wait to look for toile now, although mine would never be as nice as yours. Great job

  3. Wow! Do you still have her? ItÊ»s been a while since I checked in here to see what youÊ»ve been doing, so IÊ»m probably way too late. The reason I ask is that my MomÊ»s birthday is coming up. SheÊ»s from HawaiÊ»i so would get a kick out of the Ê»ukulele. Plus, these dolls have always made me think of my Mom. I just think she would be enchanted by your work! Still havenÊ»t quite decided whether sheÊ»d like a tattooed man or woman best, though… As always, your work is so gorgeous!

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