studio pics

The room is looking pretty good and the sun has come out so here are some photos!

The desk. See the little felt girls? Yes, I am working on them. I brought it up here. I am not pressuring myself by having a deadline- just playing with the patterns and seeing where it goes. The idea is that I’m working on the girls in the evenings and doing my other stuff during the day. I’m not really very good at holding myself to that sort of structure but it’s the vague idea.

When I was cleaning last week, I moved things around and made an attempt to dust everything. It is fun to look and touch everything again. The little treasures become invisible if they stay in the same place too long. Here are all my various doll house people. They live in my own childhood dollhouse although these were not the people that lived in the house when I was a kid.

I picked everything up and dusted-

People always comment on my drawers when I post photos. Really, they aren’t full of anything too amazing as you can see-

I spent a little time on my threads and ribbons. Always fun to play- color, texture and storage boxes. Swoon!

My other table- covered in books and magazines that I am slowly paging through and many unfinished projects.

This bureau top was the most obvious change. It was an abandoned mess after the reshuffle in January. I brought another dollhouse down from the attic. I made this one (with my brother-in-law), back when Eleanor was tot. It is very well decorated, inside and out, by 3 children’s drawing and “writing”. I’m using it for my sketchbooks, other small books and other random little things. Do you see the trunk?

And the big picture. Wow- You can see some floor!

Hopefully soon I will even have some finished dolls to post.


8 thoughts on “studio pics

  1. My goodness! That black doll in the second-to-last picture. Is that one of your dolls? And is it for sale?

  2. Ha, I can see why you said what you did about packing your studio up now! What a lovely, joyous room, you actually match me for *stuff*!

  3. Wonderful work as always and thank you for a realistic view of a studio. I am pretty sure you made ALL of your readers feel better!

  4. Now I do not feel guilty about having such a messy studio. I guess it is real part of any artistic person.

  5. The second photo … the guy in the yellow shirt and red tie is so familiar. I’m convinced he was the dad doll in a family of dolls my grandma kept for us to play with. There was a dad, a mom, and girl and a boy. The memory is making me tingle.

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