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Back at the beginning of the year, I got myself some new storage units for my cotton fabrics. Getting them in place involved moving a lot of stuff around. As is my way, I got the job about 80% finished and then got back to work. Within a day or 2, all the piles that I had to step over to get to my desk became invisible. I’ve spent some time this week cleaning the studio and working to get some of that mess sorted out. I thought I’d show you a few favorite things.

My Sister-in-law gave me this doll trunk. It had been her Mom’s. It sits on a bureau in my studio and is mostly used as a prop for some of my dolls. But, it really is a treasure chest.

Ignore those doll clothes hanging in the window- they are part of something else all together. In the trunk there are clothes that were probably suitable for a child of the 1920’s and earlier.

Sorry about the photos- it has been a grey week with a bit of snow. But look- doll gloves! And hats and jewelery!

And lots of dresses.

Unfortunately, most everything is damaged- probably because children actually played with them. There is a lot of silk in the clothes and silk is prone to rot.

I love all the drop-waist dresses. They look like they were all made from the same basic pattern with changes in the necklines. They also look like a child made them- definitely homemade. There are also 4 petticoats but I am not sure how they work with a drop-waist dress.

And a girl/doll needs a coat (or 3), right?

Next little peak- As you know, I have a lot of my Mom’s old fabric and clothes. I’ve cut up lots of it, but some things seem precious and I can’t bear to re-purpose them. This top has been my chair shirt for several years. When I was going through the family photos last summer, I found a picture of my Mom wearing it- I love when that happens! I would guess that this is from the late 60’s.

My studio is looking pretty great right now. If the sun comes out in the next few days, I will try to get some decent photos to show you.

I rewarded myself with a trip to Gather Here (do you live near Boston? If you haven’t been here- go!) and some super fabric- including some of Lizzy House‘s Hello Pilgrim.

Also some super soft corduroy, some Cloud 9 dots and some Lotta Jansdotter. Here it is, all washed, ironed and ready to use.

And last, a snow photo. This has pretty much been it for our winter!

Have a great weekend! My daughter and a friend are going to be here for the weekend- Hurray!


7 thoughts on “studio tidbits

  1. Stopped by Gather Here last month while visiting my daughter in Boston – love it – fantastic shop – great selection and lovely staff.

  2. Oh Mimi, those dolls clothes are killing me… I love them more than is reasonable or normal. I want to make tiny clothes with such exquisite detail. I think I am going to have to go and buy some velvet.
    I think I’d like to frame them in little box frames, a little outfit in each frame…

  3. What a lovely gift your sister-in-law gave you! Love all the dolls clothing, especially the coats.
    Have fun with your daughter and friend!

  4. Be still my heart, that eyelet dress is wonderful! How marvelous to be the new caretaker of all of these wonderful antique pieces!

  5. Reading your blog always reassures me that I’m not alone in my methods for studio organizing. I so identify with getting things about 80% done, then getting back to work leaving a few untouched messes here and there to be dealt with next time.

    I also drooled a lot at the doll trunk and contents! When I was little I had a book about a doll that belonged to a girl who was orphaned, and the only possession she was allowed to keep when she went to live at the orphanage was her doll with her trunk and all of her wardrobe. Then the trunk gets taken away, and the doll has to make her way back to her girl somehow. I wish I remembered the title. But I have always wanted to make a doll with a trunk full of clothes and accessories. It is definitely on my “future projects” list. Thanks for the peek!

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