Wow and an Owl!

Look, look, Look! I won this gorgeous moth when Mister Finch celebrated his 2nd blog birthday- Lucky me! I am so thrilled!!!

His work is amazing and I’ve been stalking his Etsy shop for a while, looking for the perfect piece (usually what I want has just sold). This is the best though! I am going to find the right spot in my studio to hang it up. Then I can get back to his shop and start to shop again- I think my moth might need a friend.

And, I finished up this owl.

I was in the mood for a quick project and this owl body was already sewn and stuffed.

Of course I can make any project more complicated by spending hours picking through my fabrics!

7 thoughts on “Wow and an Owl!

  1. Lucky you to win such a great piece of art! went to his etsy store and, gosh, he’s really talented ~ love the wolf piece.
    Always love your owls ~ this one looks a lot like the one I purchased from you.

  2. Oh always fun stuff to come and see at your blog!
    Love Mr. Owl……he’s a beauty.
    and your tattooed dolls…….simply adorable.
    The moth looks like fun too.

    Happy sewing

  3. Your owl inspired me! I’ve been wanting to felt down a sweater and make something from it and this weekend I DID!

    I made an alligator from a sweater vest (a definite improvement for the vest, I can tell you).

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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