a tattooed lady

More of the skeleton toile- I’ve got a good amount so it will be showing up regularly.

I am getting a few things finished but I seem to be spending all kinds of time doing boring prep work for the show– finding new tablecloths, buying another suitcase, spending half a day trying to find a box the right size to ship booth parts, then packing it and getting it mailed. It is amazing how time-consuming all of the invisible part of show prep can be. And I have a deadline for new prototypes but that is another story. So really, it is just my typical and expected pre-trip freak out around here. Luckily for me, one of the benefits of getting older is that I recognize my own patterns and try not to take myself and my anxieties too seriously.

9 thoughts on “a tattooed lady

  1. love her hair! the pattern on the fabric looks fab as hair, and then the way you style the bob is perfect!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s nice to turn older and learn how not to take yourself too seriously! The lady is lovely! Good luck getting ready for the show. Shows are incredibly exhausting but fun, right?

  3. Oh, she is gorgeous! I love the bow in her hair and the material you used for the hair. Good luck with all the “boring” preparations for the show. New prototypes sound fun. I’m glad you too are learning wisdom with age. I’ve seen the same in myself and have been learning from it—-like not to take it too seriously. Bon chance!

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