new man

I am working on something new- I am trying to make an Afro-American brown skin man. I think he looks more Indo-Asian.

It’s not so easy to try something even slightly different. The first step was to get a decent skin color brown. I dyed fabric for 4 dolls. They all came out completely different and only 2 were usable.

Now I will have to work harder on the facial features and study mustache differences- because really, he needs to have a mustache!

Again with the wonderful skeleton toile.

I just finished another one. I’ll post photos of him tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “new man

  1. They both look great.
    Nothing wrong with different shades of any skin color…..They are both handsome and debonair. :-)

  2. I think Jarvie’s on it — the curly mustache implies a different hair-type than Afro-Am — they look great though! love the Dia de los Muertos-like fabric

  3. Hello
    I prefer the face on the right, I agree with the others about the nose. I always think the faces are the hardest part of all. Hope you fathom it out. I do like them.

  4. Yeah, they aren’t quite Afro-American, but I do love them! That’s so great that you’re experimenting and dyeing the fabric in different skin colors!

  5. I had the same thoughts about mustache and nose – also I think the eyes need to be darker. The dying came out beautiful – hope you remember the formula for those two! ;) They are wonderful – no matter what their nationality! :)

  6. Keep working on these – they’re really wonderful! The black printing on the torso fabric reminds me of body hair – terrific.

  7. Love them both. Truly “mixed” gentlemen which is great with the colonial-esque fabric. They could easily live in Louisiana.

  8. I am checking out the dolls. I just purchased the book “we make dolls”. I love it. I would like to buy a pattern for the woodsmen or other men dolls. My grandson would love them. Please Let me know if they are available and how much the pattern is.

    I love your dolls. I can’t wait to make the tatood man.

    Thanks Evelyn

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