I’m back!

Happy Halloween everyone! Maybe you didn’t even notice but my blog was offline since Saturday. My husband tells me it got hacked, but honestly, I’m not sure what that means though I am sure it’s bad. He had to do all kinds of computer voodoo to clean it up so he spent even more time updating things around here. Thanks Honey! How do you like the new look? There are still a few things that need to be fixed and some things I need to figure out but I wanted to get back online as soon as possible.

We survived Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage. We lost some roof shingles and got water in the attic. It is fixed now. The power was out for just long enough that it felt like a fun adventure. We were very lucky. A lot of my neighbors are still without power and I’m sure the adventure is getting very old. And the news from the New York area is both very distressing and I can’t tear myself away from it.

I have managed to pull myself away from the news reports long enough to finish one thing- a professorial fox, dressed for Autumn.

Let me know if you notice any blog problems that I might want to know about. I know the early posts (2004 and 2005) are a mess and will hopefully be back at some point. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Wow, that really *is* a brand new look! (I usually read you in my Google reader, but I just had to come and have a look around!)

    You’re very lucky that your husband was able to fix you up. (My spouse is quite handy, but when it comes to computer related things – I’m usually the one doing the fixin’!)

    Love Mr. Fox! He reminds me of the original Nutty Professor. :)

  2. Hi Mimi!

    Sorry to hear about your blog hacking. Your blog looks great! Also glad you are OK with the big storm. Here in Canada (Southern Ontario) we had a little rain and heavy winds but, we were lucky too. Many people are without power & I’m sure it gets old fast as you say. Love professor fox!. Happy Halloween! : )

  3. What a nice new look, Mimi! What is the “theme” called? Every time I look at the choices in WordPress, I never find one I like better than the simple beginner model.

  4. I, too, usually read you in my reader so I had to come check out the new look. Love it. Very clean and minimal. Your foxes, as always, are my favorites and the professor up there is no exception. Glad you came through Sandy with minimal disruption.

  5. Glad you’re back, Mimi, and that Sandy didn’t play too roughly with you!

    Prof Fox is looking very distinguished. Love his colours.

    Yes, like the blog look, though I’ll slightly miss your row of dolls up on the old banner. Would you consider an alternative row of newer dolls one day for us to feast our eyes on? Not right away, just something to bear in mind some time down the road.

  6. Wow. Love the new look. Glad you survived the hurricane and it was like an adventure for you. Sorry to hear about the hack. That can be bad sometimes. Love the new fox in this green tie an vest.

  7. Considering the timing, I was really concerned you’d been hit hard by the storm. Glad to hear that you are all right.

    As for the new look, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it seems a little bland. I do like the new header.

  8. The blog looks great! I like the new header – mysterious. You are a woman of many talents. It is so fun to see a series of pieces when you are on a finishing streak.

  9. I love the new look of your blog. It’s really lovely. I am a huge fan of those foxes of yours. They are so wonderful. Your blog is such a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing your work!

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