the butterfly hunter

Maybe it is a bit cold for butterfly hunting? But, he is an optimist.

His vest shows his passion. And his sweater is cashmere.

I will try to get the boy foxes into my shop this weekend- probably on Sunday. Also, I am still playing with the photo size- let me know if you are having any problems.

11 thoughts on “the butterfly hunter

  1. I love the delicacy of his net, and how trimly his sweater fits him! That’s a wonderful collar for a brisk fall day. He will be so cosy with his scarf – no cold breezes down his neck. And the butterflies on his vest are the perfect scale! I just love him :-)

  2. Hi Mimi, i usually read your blog in my reader but today I didn’t. Have to say I love the new look, although I miss the previous header with all the beautiful dolls. It all looks clean and fresh.

  3. Oh, he is adorable! And it is not too cold yet for butterfly hunting. Did you see the news about a woman who found a monarch in mid-metamorphosis, knew that it was too late for it to make the migration to Mexico and survive, so she flew with the monarch to Texas where she released so that it could continue on its way. Maybe this fox will have those kinds of adventures too….

  4. Oh, I love him, even if it is too cold for butterfly hunting. Here in So-Cal, I did spot a few, so maybe, he’ll make his way to the Southern Pacific. His vest is so great. Love it, Mimi!

  5. Ahhh! I love his little vest! As a bug enthusiast, I can say that it is so true that we enjoy sneaking in a bug print whenever & wherever we can. This has brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

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