a terrible week in Boston

Oh man, what a week. After teaching last week-end, I had plans to get things finished up this week. That hasn’t happened.

We are having Spring and here is the proof- my always blooming on Patriots’ Day daffodils.

4:19:springOnce the news of the bombing in Boston was everywhere, I found it almost impossible to pry myself away from the computer. Finally by Tuesday evening I was able to settle down enough to spend some time in the studio. But all week has been about obsessively checking Twitter and all the news streams. Today has been very strange. The town where I live is not “locked down”, but most of the surrounding towns are. The streets, the sidewalks and the sky are all eerily quiet unless a really loud helicopter flies overhead. Public transportation is cancelled so no bus noise on Mass Ave. And so so much crazy news and no real news at all. I tore myself away from the computer at midday and went out to the garden and turned the compost pile- phew! It was a relief to be out in the sun and doing something physical.

So, here is the studio today.

4:19:wipYou know I got about 90% done on 3 lumberjacks (last post) and then I got distracted by the idea of making more of this model of lumberjack. I’d cut out and dyed fabric for 3 more “Big Men” tattooed lumberjacks last fall, but never cut out the rest of their necessary pieces. I did that. And sewed them up and stuffed them. And then thought I’d like to make the thinner guy as a tattooed lumberjack. I’ve got 5 mostly cut out now, 2 sewed, 1 stuffed. And one more thing- I want to cut out some big men lumberjacks, no tattoos. Yes, I have been distracted.

4:19:messPiles and piles of wool, stuffing, pattern pieces, misc. other fabric piled up over every surface. The studio is not exactly in the state that would lead my brain to calm relaxation. Oh well, that really isn’t my way.

In other news, I am going to be off for a little vacation, leaving mid next week and gone for a week. I’ll be deactivating most of my Etsy shop on Tuesday but thankfully I can still sell my patterns because Etsy has just rolled out instant downloads for pdf patterns- Hurray! If I get any of the fellows finished, I’ll post them before I leave. Otherwise it might be quiet around here for a while.

Fingers crossed that everything will be feeling back to normal soon.

4 thoughts on “a terrible week in Boston

  1. Hi Mimi,
    I’m a big fan of your work. I love the foxes, the fish… Wish I lived closer to Cambridge these days as I’d love to take one of your classes.
    Thanks for this post. I’ve been distracted by all forms of creativity today, watching news and checking feeds. My husband is working from home because his office was in the crime scene zone in Back Bay. I’ve been wanting to post something on my blog about the crazy news this week but instead I’m mesmerized by the TV. Good for you for attending to the compost pile!
    School vacation week in MA so I’ve been distracted by having kids home, too, but what a perfect week to have all loved ones close by.
    Enjoy your vacation, and stay safe.

  2. I always love to see the piles of arms, legs and bodies around your studio!!
    Heartbroken by the events in Boston. Glad you are safe.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I am one of your blog followers in the UK, I love your work. I just wanted to let you know that the thoughts of so many people around the world are on Boston this week, and in sympathy with her residents. All the very best, and enjoy your holiday.

  4. Hi Mimi I lost your work a long time , I think that you don´t make doll ¡¡, but I found you,
    great, beautiful work always, greetings from Chile, Taller Muy Freak.

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