Man with Red Pants

I went out to Chicago to visit the kids and now I’m back to work. All this fabric isn’t going to sew itself!

I love this very weird toile that I believe was from a Williamsburg collection that has George Washington as a Greek god (or something?!).

He’s got a vintage metal button on his belt.

Vegetable Tattoos

He has to be a farmer because who else would have all the vegetable tattoos?!

And his other side-

He has an antique one-hole button on his belt.

Fancy boots-

And his portrait in front of my favorite wall which won’t be around much longer because that house is being renovated.

I won’t be listing anything new into my etsy shop until October 12, when I get back from Paradise City Art Festival. If you think you’d like to come, you can get a ticket discount here.