Lumberjack #6 Burly and Blond

5:18:lumberjack6aI hope you aren’t completely tired of these lumberjacks yet. I have 3 more that I need to finish. You know, need.

5:18:lumberjack6b5:18:lumberjack6cMore George Washington tattoos- this time young George and his horse.


6 thoughts on “Lumberjack #6 Burly and Blond

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of these lumberjacks, or any of your dolls for that matter. They’re all so fun and creative, and the little details, accessories, and materials you use really make them great. Haha, every time I look at your blog I think I’ve found my new favorite doll that you’ve made :)

  2. Now, is it weird to say this one is rather sexy? Ok maybe it is, but I am one of those people that thought Disney’s Robin Hood was rather attractive (and yes, I am talking about the fox). I’m going to stop writing before I make myself sound even weirder.

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