snowy owl

Sometimes a piece goes smoothly, sometimes it doesn’t. I posted this pic last week on all my social medias.

7:2:snowy owl aOwl on the desk, looking great! Later I went to take photos.

7:2:snowy owl bMaybe it isn’t completely obvious because really, I had to check and double check to confirm what I was seeing. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. The black felt around the eyes had bled when I spritzed to get rid of any fabric marker marks and the owl now had blue eye shadow. That was not part of the design. And What? My wool felt had bled? So…

7:2:snowy owl c

I took out the stitches, took off the eyes and the face. I tested my felt. Yes, one piece bled when I got it wet. I have no idea where that particular felt came from versus the second piece I tested that didn’t (phew!) bleed.

New eyes, new face, sewed back on. Photos taken to be posted next day.

7:2:snowy owl d

Something wasn’t right. I kept thinking about it after I went to bed. In the morning, the owl returned to my studio for the third time.

7:2:snowy owl g

And finally! Done! And more photos!

7:2:snowy owl e

7:2:snowy owl f

Sometimes these babies take a little longer to hatch.