San Francisco was fantastic!

The trip to San Francisco was a ton of work, exhausting but also exhilarating! I get very nervous beforehand so when things go well I get extra charged up.

Wednesday was our travel day. We stayed in an Airbnb which was walking distance from Fort Mason- very convenient since we don’t rent a car. This is a view of where Renegade happens-

8:1:sf 1

That building in the middle of the pic (white roof) is the one. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Thursday was for errands which can take a long time when using public transportation. Of course we also get some fun city touring in at the same time. I needed to get supplies for my booth and for my class. I had a plan (excuse!) to buy my class threads out there because I could go to Lacis where they have EVERYTHING!

8:1:sf 2

I am teaching a number of classes in the next 1/2 year and I thought I would get myself some class specific threads- an entire rainbow plus the neutrals. Yes, that was fun! It is almost all DMC Perle Cotton sz 8.

One of the reasons I was stressed out beforehand was because it was looking like my box of class supplies was not going to make it in time. The day before we were leaving I made the call to pack a whole second set of supplies- and a good thing too. The boxes showed up at 2:30 on Friday, during the class and I only got them because I chased the UPS man after he just left a note on the door- grrr. That was most of my show inventory too. Anyway, it all worked out with me just a bit flustered with my second set of, not so complete, class stuff. Everyone did really well, it was a wonderful group of interesting people and I hope to do it again next year!

8:1:sf 4


8:1:sf 5

There was one more that had to leave early. Aren’t they wonderful?!

Renegade took up the weekend. My booth-

8:1:sf 6

8:1:sf 7

Lots of my little guys found new homes on the West Coast. And here is me- they always have a free photobooth at Renegade and so I took advantage of it.

8:1:sf 8

Monday was the day to pack everything back up and ship it home. And go to Britex. I’ve never been there before… yes, it was amazing! It was a great trip although I didn’t have time to just relax and see friends. That will have to happen next time.

Next up, Art Retreat (I think there is still room if you are interested) and then Renegade Chicago. It is busy around here!

5 thoughts on “San Francisco was fantastic!

  1. Wow Mimi, it all looks so awesome! Glad you had such a great time. Your booth looks wonderful. I so wish I could have been there. :)

  2. Mimi, I had such an wonderful time taking your class at Sonja’s house. Thank you so much for sharing your love of colorful wool and thread as well as your tips and tricks. There are only certain type of people in this world that can as excited about color and beautiful textures as we do. I think it’s being able to work with natural fibers and your hands and shaping them into something fun that makes it so enjoyable. I thought about you a lot on my way back to Sonoma County and I think what makes your craft so unique (besides your impeccable design and skill) is that your dolls have personality. I think they have your personality because you are so fun to be with! So Mimi, you definitely have that “it” factor. Thanks again for coming out to SF. Hope, you’ll come again next year. P.S. My Summer Fox is looking mighty smart with her new boyfriend Preppy Fox and her tiny world cup. Hugs to you.

  3. Mimi,
    Mr. Butterfly Hunter is very happy in his new home! he watches me while I quilt, although, I do see him looking longingly out the window, perhaps looking for a butterfly! I love him, it was awesome meeting you, and Happy Birthday!!!!

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