Tiny World Class at my house!

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Does anyone want to come over and make a Tiny World pincushion with me? The class will be on September 29, 10 am to 4pm, at my house in Arlington, Massachusetts. The cost will be $95 and you can sign up here on Etsy. The class will include a copy of the pattern, all the supplies except the tea cup, and the use of my fun tools and toys. I will need a minimum of 4 people to run the class and will cap it at 10.

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The class is open to all ability levels as long as you feel comfortable threading a needle and using scissors. The class is all about the cute little details.

This is the pattern we will be working from-

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Here is a link to a tiny world class I taught a while back.

If you’d like to sign up but would rather not use Etsy, email me at mimik@pobox.com and we will figure something out. I will also be posting an Owl class for the end of October.

San Francisco was fantastic!

The trip to San Francisco was a ton of work, exhausting but also exhilarating! I get very nervous beforehand so when things go well I get extra charged up.

Wednesday was our travel day. We stayed in an Airbnb which was walking distance from Fort Mason- very convenient since we don’t rent a car. This is a view of where Renegade happens-

8:1:sf 1

That building in the middle of the pic (white roof) is the one. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Thursday was for errands which can take a long time when using public transportation. Of course we also get some fun city touring in at the same time. I needed to get supplies for my booth and for my class. I had a plan (excuse!) to buy my class threads out there because I could go to Lacis where they have EVERYTHING!

8:1:sf 2

I am teaching a number of classes in the next 1/2 year and I thought I would get myself some class specific threads- an entire rainbow plus the neutrals. Yes, that was fun! It is almost all DMC Perle Cotton sz 8.

One of the reasons I was stressed out beforehand was because it was looking like my box of class supplies was not going to make it in time. The day before we were leaving I made the call to pack a whole second set of supplies- and a good thing too. The boxes showed up at 2:30 on Friday, during the class and I only got them because I chased the UPS man after he just left a note on the door- grrr. That was most of my show inventory too. Anyway, it all worked out with me just a bit flustered with my second set of, not so complete, class stuff. Everyone did really well, it was a wonderful group of interesting people and I hope to do it again next year!

8:1:sf 4


8:1:sf 5

There was one more that had to leave early. Aren’t they wonderful?!

Renegade took up the weekend. My booth-

8:1:sf 6

8:1:sf 7

Lots of my little guys found new homes on the West Coast. And here is me- they always have a free photobooth at Renegade and so I took advantage of it.

8:1:sf 8

Monday was the day to pack everything back up and ship it home. And go to Britex. I’ve never been there before… yes, it was amazing! It was a great trip although I didn’t have time to just relax and see friends. That will have to happen next time.

Next up, Art Retreat (I think there is still room if you are interested) and then Renegade Chicago. It is busy around here!

a class in San Francisco

tiny world class

 update- wow, wow, and WOW! the class is now full! If you’d like to be on the waiting list, send me an email at mimik@pobox.com.

I am going to teach a Tiny World class when I am out in San Francisco for the Renegade Craft Market. Thanks to everyone who responded to my enquiry.

The class will be on Friday, July 26, 10 am to 4 pm. All materials will be included except your teacup. The cost is $85. The class will be held at Sonya Philip‘s studio in San Francisco and is limited to 8 people. I have loved teaching this class and seeing what people create. I’ve also seen some wonderful groups of friends or mother/daughter pairs take the class together. This class is accessible to anyone who can thread a needle and likes details!

If you are interested in taking the class, I have listed it in my Etsy shop, here. Or, if you’d rather, send me an email (mimik@pobox.com) and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

I now have a class in San Francisco and one in New Hampshire. I am also working on scheduling 2 more classes for the fall in New England. This is turning into my year of teaching!

Friday and Saturday

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law visited on Friday. They had a beautiful weekend to be in New England for a whirlwind visit.

Walk photos-

And on Saturday was the Tiny World class. It was wonderful. There were 6 plus me, sitting around my table.

As always, it was so much fun to see the different directions that people go in. Here are photos from the end of the class- no one finished, but they were close.

If I get better photos, I’ll post them.

next tiny world class

More January planning! (I love this kind of cotton ball snow)


The next Tiny World class will be Saturday, Feb. 27  in Arlington, MA. Most of the info-

Make your own Tiny World! Saturday, February 27, 10am to 4pm at my house. (Boston area) $60 includes everything but the teacup- you can bring your own. Limited to 8 people. More info.

Email me at mimik@pobox.com to sign up or if you have questions.

the last few days

Fall! The last things blooming in my garden- chrysanthemums and dahlias. I love how all the blossoms on the mums are facing in one direction.



Walk in the neighborhood. It is surprising what you see when the leaves start to go.




And my class on Saturday- so much fun! There were 5 of us all together.




This is the Haunted house!


And here is the table with all the felt and wool-


The market on Sunday was canceled- we were having a nor’easter here in Boston- wind, rain, cold… I was not sorry to miss standing under a tent from 7am to after 4pm. And then it snowed! It was the right call. Still, I’m left feeling a little deflated- all the anticipation and hope that comes as I prepare for a show. The next show I am scheduled to do is the South End Holiday Fair– Dec. 12 and 13.

classes- taking and teaching

woo-hoo! I made a flag in my class today!

I’m going to put it in my booth at the show on Saturday!

I’ve had three classes so far. The first 2 days we tried out photoshop and today we worked in InDesign. The first 2 days were totally stressful. There are 3 middle-aged ladies in the class and then a whole bunch of teenagers. I know nothing about photoshop. Apparently a beginning class doesn’t actually start where I am. The teenagers already seem to know it all and never ask any questions. The 3 others (us) are the ones squeaking “help?”. I moved my seat today so that I was sitting next to someone else who is equally clueless- then I can grab the teacher every time she is near my neighbor. Today went better- I an working on a calendar.

I will be teaching another Tiny World class here in Arlington on Thursday, August 13. All the info is the same as here except the date. Email me at mimik@pobox.com if you’d like more info or would like to sign up.

tiny world class report

I have so much to tell and now it seems like too much! I am so far behind so I will jump in and tell you about some fun stuff from the last week- in no particular order.

I will start with yesterday- the tiny world workshop. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

There were 7 “students”, plus me. Here we are, working at my dining room table-

further along-

and here are some of the tiny worlds, some not quite finished, at the end of the class-


Amy of Bumble Belly Designs. You can read her report and see more (better) photos here at her blog.

Brooke was very brave- she had no sewing experience but decided she wanted to give it a try- look how well she did!

Jen (her report) and Ginny (another blog report of our class)-

Becky’s- I only have a blurry picture of her adorable castle-

and Jane-

It was a great day. I will definitely do it again. Right now I am planning for August, since I had a request for then.

I will do another post with other blog-worthy news which includes- omg… a clean house!, house projects moving forward, a sale at my favorite thrift shop, and getting to meet the new CEO of Etsy- see you soon!